The Storm, Finally, Blows In

8 04 2008

Tonight, after work I came home, watched The Biggest Loser, and had dinner…oh and played with the dog…she’s loves playing with the tennis ball while I watch TV.


J got home about 10…he’d been drinking (which he does quite a bit)…we were talking, and I mentioned that I wished he’d stop hiding stuff from me, he said he wasn’t…I said that he knew I knew, so don’t lie to me…I hate being lied to. So, he admitted that he “liked to BBQ”…I asked him why he’d hidden it from me for two years…he said that he’s sure I’d had some idea…I told him that although I may have had an idea that he was, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt…that he’d lied to me, and that’s what made me mad…we fought for quite a while…I told him, that I’m not sure I want to be with him, I’m not sure I can trust him…I said I was leaving, I’d get a hotel for the rest of the week, and then I’d get my stuff out…he begged me to stay…it was 11:30pm. I said I’d stay but I wasn’t sleeping with him…I slept in the floor…that made him madder…but, I’m not sure if I’m staying…I don’t want to keep getting attached, when I’m not sure if it might end shortly.


I went to sleep in the floor, with the dog beside me, and J in the bed above me.