Lovemaking Versus well…F***ing

15 04 2008

Again tonight, we were intimate. It was good. I wouldn’t call it love making, in fact, to be 100% blunt, it was fucking…I mean, we love each other, and that’s why we sleep together, but tonight, I think we just both had so much emotion that we haven’t expressed that we just went at it.


Now, I really hate to say this. And J was KILL me if he knew this…hence, why I don’t tell him…but J is great at the fucking, and the normal sex, but when you really want love making….he’s not so good…now any guys reading this will say that there is no difference, any girls reading this will understand 100% what I’m talking about…fucking is purely physical…that’s when all the dirty talk and 69ing comes in…lovemaking, is much more intimate…it’s more loving, more eye contact, more kissing, more “I Love You”s…My ex, was actually pretty good at the love making…horrible at everything else though…(yep I know…I’m evil for saying that)…He was good at pretending to be in love with me, and therefore very good at pretending to make love to me…although now, the thought that I ever kissed him, much less slept with him just creeps me out. All I can think about when his name is mentioned is him…doing a 15 year-old girl behind their parents back…or jacking off to naked 15 year olds on the internet…he actually argued with me once on what constituted child pornography…I’d found sites on his computer, and he told me it wasn’t child porn because they were in clothes…not much clothes, but clothes…therefore it wasn’t child porn…what the hell does it matter….it’s sick!!!


Well…enough on the ex…that’s enough to bring any blog down….