My Driving Pet Peeve

8 05 2008

I’d like to think of my self as a pretty patient person…however; I have one pet peeve that truly drives me ABSOLUTELY crazy!! Turn signals…really it’s a very easy concept…but since, so much of America seems to not be able to use them properly…let’s go over a couple of things….


1.      Turn signals are meant to warn other motorist that you are about to turn, therefore, you’d be slowing down or stopping and possibly causing the rest of the traffic to be slowing down or stopping…it is 100% completely pointless to turn on your turn signal AFTER you’ve stopped…if you’re already stopped, I’ve already slammed on the brakes to stop…the signal is suppose to cause me to not have to slam on the brakes…don’t stop and THEN turn on the signal…Signal, then stop!!!!

2.      When trying to change lanes, instead of slowing down and trying to squeezzzeee into a spot…but on your signal, it lets other motorist know you want over, and then, they’ll probably be nice enough to either slow down or speed up a little, in order to let you over…and if you’re changing lanes, put on your signal BEFORE you start to cut me off…that a way, I know you’re a crazy maniac…and I can get out of your way!!!


Not sure why this is so hard for people!! But it really did feel good to get that off my chest.