Design Help Sought

10 05 2008

Okay, so for the last 6 months J and have been remodeling our bedroom. It’s finally done, besides actually finding furniture we like…we have a bed and can’t agree on anything besides that 🙂 And I’m too picky and don’t like anything I see…but it’s 99.9% completed….time to start home renovation project #2…that’s where I need help.

J has a LOT of collectibles and we are going to use them in the den (which is our next design project)…We are going to have lots of shelves to put his collections on…we also have an antique couch and chair that we’re getting upholstered…so basically I have a blank slate, I need help with color choice for walls, shelves, curtains and upholstery…Our living room is going to be in blue, the kitchen is green, the bedroom is tan and the bathroom is…well…going to get renovated later, and the library (which is our last renovation project) is going to be a dark deep red, kind of like a maroon… So we’re not really scared of color…I’m thinking the shelves should probably be a dark color…so as to not show dark as bad…although I’m still debating about doing display cases…but…anyways…also he has a very large record collection that’ll be displayed in the room…and possibly a desk, which we have to also figure out colors on…the antique furniture is a dark brown wood…almost black…but brown…if that makes sense…

So…can someone please help me??? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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