1,000 Readers And Counting…

19 05 2008

So yesterday my blog hit the 1,000 visitors mark…that’s very exciting in the blogging world…it’s almost like in the television world when you hit your 100th episode…so, I want to thank everyone for contributing to that magical number!

In fact, there are so many great people that I’m meeting through this blog, I’m almost finding it hard to be really open…If you’ve read the About Me page you know I started this blog to be anonymous and get some stuff out into the open, that normally I wouldn’t air, because I’m not sure how people would take it. Well, I’m starting to make such great connections on my blog, that I have the instinct to not be truly honest and reveal everything that I want to…but I am fighting those urges…this blog will remain open and honest, I figure if people aren’t going to like me knowing what skeletons I have in my closet…well, I’m better off with out them…go find another blog to read…besides, there’s 999 other people reading anyways! 🙂