Hello, 3 Day Weekend…

23 05 2008

Ahh….Memorial day. The official (well, unofficial, I guess) start to summer…Sun’s out, the pool is open, the birds are rejoicing and me, well…I’m off work for 3 days! Wahooo. I got off at 4 today, came home and changed into some jeans and a t-shirt…knocked out a sink of dishes…have 1 more to go…been a slack this week…cleaned up around the house some, and in a little bit my little brother, John, is coming over, and J, him and I will start up the grill and get summer kicked off right…now this isn’t the first time this year that we’ve got out the grill…we’re those crazy freaks you see grilling in December…but, it’s just something about Memorial day weekend, you just have to grill…even for a vegetarian…nothing says summer like lighting up the BBQ…I’m not a summer person, actually, I hate hot weather, but, still there is something about the end of May and the first of June when the weather is hot enough in the day to go swimming or kayaking and cools down in the evening so you might just need a light sweater…but you can sleep with the windows open, and the ceiling fan going and life is good…like it use to be, before everything became so complicated…So, I’ve got a great book calling my name…the puppy has the ball all ready to go, the grill is warm, John is on his way here, and J…well is working on something (I think yard work)…as usual…so, you guys have a great night…I know I will…Hello summer, here I come.