Strawberry, Turkey Legs, and Festivals

24 05 2008

Today I went to the 25th annual Pungo Strawberry Festival. I happen to be a HUGE fan of strawberries…strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, strawberry juice, strawberry shortcake, strawberry starburst, strawberry…well…you get the idea…I LOVE strawberries. I do not, however, love crowds. They annoy me, they agitate me, and they make extremely uncomfortable. The whole, people running into people, the whole general concept that “If I want to stop in the middle of the walk way to stare at something everyone else will go around me”…it very much annoys me. I do like, however, ease dropping on people’s conversations…it’s amazing how much you can learn by ease dropping…


America, as a whole, is fat. There is really no denying this…it’s all around us. This semester I’m taking Nutrition…pretty boring so far, but something my professor said, at our last class, really spoke to me. She said we try to do the right thing (when it comes to food) 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the time we allow ourselves to do things we know we shouldn’t, yet want to…kinda like Thanksgiving you know you shouldn’t eat all of that, but you do anyways…Well, the Strawberry Festival is part of my 10%…I had a huge piece of strawberry shortcake covered with strawberries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream (I’ll post a picture of it later)…now, I thought I was being pretty bad when I had this…Let me make a little disclaimer here, real quick, I am not by any means a health nut…I know a lot of the health nut stuff, even read some of the health nut magazines…but I have standards… I like food, I like good tasting food…I like my nightly bowl of ice cream that I probably shouldn’t have every night…but…I’m starting to realize how the extreme non-health nut half lives…


I am walking along at the strawberry fest and hear this woman shout out to her husband “Oh, look the turkey legs we came for!”…And by turkey leg, she really should have said a full turkey…those things are HUGE and deep fried in fat…The stand was slammed full…then there are the really fat people who are chowing down on funnel cakes that are twice the size of my head…and then the huge plate of deep fried potatoes, and nachos slathered in cheese and chili…I understand, not eating healthy all the time…but really, life, is not at all about fat-covered turkey legs…and then you get to overhear the people complaining about the LONG walk from the parking lot to the festival…seriously, it may have (and I’m being very nice here) it may have been a city block…I’m really not sure if it were that…so they complain about the long walk and then sit down and chow down 3000 calories of deep fried “food” and wonder why they’re overweight, have diabetes, high cholesterol and have to take 5 different pills a day at the age of 45…seriously America, wake up.


And before I get super upset emails from overweight people who are doing their best to eat right…I understand that there are overweight people who for medical reasons, can’t help it, and can’t lose weight…and I understand that a lot of overweight people are super sweet nice people who really should not be include in the above rant…I do realize that. I’m just pointing out…that America wonders why we’re overweight…you go to a strawberry festival, and there is NO line at the produce stand, but you have to weight 20 minutes at the deep fried fat booth…see the problem?


And then, people wonder why kids are obese?? This is what they are seeing…When I was a kid, we use to go to Stepping Out in Blacksburg every year…it was another huge street festival…but they had (and may still) this HUGE fenced in kids area, with all kinds of games and we’d run around like we were nuts and crazy and when we were done, we’d get a single scoop cone of ice cream and then go climb on the fire trucks…no super huge deep fried turkey legs, no fries, no potato curlie things…or nachos, or funnel cakes…we went for the entertainment, not the food…what happened to that??


Money saving tip of the day: Want a quick cheap heart attack? Go to McDonald’s not strawberry festivals…not only will you not have to pay for parking, they have a dollar menu.