Evil, Evil Sunshine!!

2 06 2008

Please, don’t let that cute little smile fool you…the sun is EVIL…evil evil sun!! Look what he did to me!!!




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2 06 2008
Dead Charming

Aloe. Bathe in it. That’s my suggestion. You have my DEEPEST sympathies.

Thanks! I’ve been putting on lots of Aloe, taking lots of “chilled” baths, and just relaxing and drinking water & gatorade…just hoping it’ll feel a little better before tomorrow, when I have to go to work, and actually wear real clothing….it hurts just to think about that… 😦

2 06 2008

Fear no more the heat o’ the sun,

My Dreams Are the Sun

See that golden hue
Burning in the west
My dreams are with that color
My dreams are the sun
Walk in the moonlight.

Very nice poetry, as always…still doesn’t make me like the sun!

2 06 2008

Ouuuuuch! Burn, baby, burn. That looks real bad. My favorite trick for a bad sunburn is to take that green, sticky aloe gel, put it in the fridge, wait until it’s nice and cold and slather it all over. Ahhhhh. Hope it feels better soon!

That’s actually kind of funny…because I’ve been doing that with my aloe lotion…lol…It’s starting to look like it’s going to blister though…definatly, not cool!!

3 06 2008

Hi! Sorry I didn’t check on this yesterday, I got too frustrated and signed out for the day! I can see the images now, WOW! I know that hurts! I do the same thing 2LD does and it works like a charm, looks like you already figured it out though! I hope you are feeling much better today!

Thanks! Not feeling a whole lot better today (June 3)…I can walk, without feeling like I’m going to cry, so that’s a good thing…It’s my first day back to work, so we’ll see how it goes.

3 06 2008

Sunburns are always the best when you first get in the shower. Yeow!

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