People I Knew & People I Thought I Knew

3 06 2008

Was browsing myspace & facebook today and finding people I once knew. A lot of them were people I went to school with that I may not have really liked or even spoke to. And I got to reading their profiles and realized that all the stupid reasons I didn’t like them were just that…stupid. They are really completely different people from who I thought they were. Of course, I realize, people change. I’ve changed a lot since a lot of these people knew me. For example, most of high school I was known as either “David’s little sister” or “John’s big sister”. Today I’m very much different than that. Most people don’t even realize I have 2 brothers. I have become a completely different person than the one I once was. I’m not as “afraid” of people or what they think. I don’t try to be liked. If you like me fine, if not, well, I guess that’s fine too. At one point in my life it killed me for people not to like me. Even if their not liking me was for a really incredibly stupid reason. It didn’t matter. It just hurt to know someone didn’t like me. Most people never knew that about me. Looking back I can see how much I’ve changed. I’ve become a completely independent person. I’ve been living on my own for 5 years now paying all my own bills & balancing my own checkbook. I’ve paid my way through college (although in all fairness I’m still working on that.). I handle my life, completely, 100%. And I couldn’t be happier, I have 100% control…(well as much control as you can have in life)



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3 06 2008

I go through myspace sometimes to see how my old buddies are doing, even though I never talk to them now.

Congrats on the five years on your own! Independence is one of the things I truly cherish. 🙂

3 06 2008
Dead Charming

I only go on MySpace or Facebook about once a year. It takes about twelve months for the curiosity to overwhelm the complete indifference I have most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly care that my old schoolmates are doing well, having fun, whatever…but since 80% of them aren’t on any social networking anything…and the ones who are rarely update, it’s never all that exciting for me.

In fact, generally it just makes me feel old. At 32. Which sucks.

First off, 32…NOT old, but I am part of a younger generation, and pretty much everyone I went to school with is either on Facebook or Myspace.

4 06 2008

ha, i go on facebook once an HOUR, not once a year. although, in my defense, i only set my profile up about a month ago, so it still seems fun.

because i need one more thing to be addicted to.

i will only be 32 for another month, so can 33 be NOT old too please?

Well, J (the boyfriend) is 42 and can run circles around lots of guys my age…so no, 33 NOT old….and if 50 is the new 40, then isn’t 30 the new 20??? hmmm..And I was pretty addicted to MySpace when I first started, then I found facebook, now I’m addicted to it.

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