Yes, No, Maybe So…

4 06 2008

00 AM

As I’m sure you can tell I changed the look of my blog…and although I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and I can’t make everyone happy….still, I’m looking for feedback…do you like, do you not…do you really not care either way…have some suggestions for my blog…basically it’s your day to vent & say whatever about MY BLOG…that’s right, I’m being selfish…but seriously, I want feedback people!!



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4 06 2008

How the blog looks is not essential,but what the blogger writes. So the way it looks is more for your personal taste 🙂 . I think it’s ok and I like your entries but you know that already… soooo keep up the good job 😛 .

Thanks for the compliment. I just thought my old page was a little bland…needed a little color.

4 06 2008
Dead Charming

I like it. It wasn’t bad before, but this does have a bit more “punch” to it visually.

But I agree with dreamer0507, it’s about the words and not the presentation. And I come back daily for the words, so you know I like it. 🙂

Thanks you!! You guys really do know how to spoil a girl.

4 06 2008

Bravo! I love it!

4 06 2008

Looks good to me. Never be afraid to try on different blog looks – you never know what’ll fit!

5 06 2008

I like it! I have changed mine 3x so you can keep changing it, it’s your space do what you like, but I think I like it better than the previous, easier to read. But as other people have said it’s content that counts! 🙂

Thanks for the comment! I think I’m going to leave it this a way for a while…I may find a new header image…but it’s got to be something colorful…we’ll see what happens.

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