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9 06 2008

So, I’ve “meet” so many wonderful people through this blog, I wanted to open up my blog to some more discussion type entries (and I had a really long weekend, and am very tired and not in the mood to write a long blog entry tonight)…so here is my important question…

If your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other were going to cheat, would it be worse if they cheated with your absolute best friend or your absolute worst enemy?




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10 06 2008

Wow…now that’s a question people are gonna have to think through very well…I think I’d be angryer if my significant other would cheat on me with my best friend…because I’d never expect him to do such a thing…whereas my enemy would use and oportunity to ruin me…

10 06 2008
Dead Charming

I’ve debated my answer to this about five times already…I have personal experience with this question. So here’s all I’m gonna say at this point:


That is all.

11 06 2008

it would be easier to cut off the head of your worst enemy – as revenge, i mean.

13 06 2008

Worst enemy, hands down. If it was my best friend…that may warrant homicide. Double homicide.

13 06 2008

I have to say worst enemy because the betrayal would be much worse losing 2 important people in my life at the same time.

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