The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

17 06 2008

I read this book as a child, but decided to reread it after I saw the most recent movie it was made into…surprisingly the movie didn’t veer off from the book too much, unlike some movies like The Phantom of the Opera (still upset about that one)…the book was as wonderful as I remember it…most people know the story of Lucy, Peter, Edmond and Susan reaching Narnia through the back a magical wardrobe…If you haven’t read this book, or haven’t read it any many years, as was the case with me…it’s defiantly worth picking up this book…the magical world of Narnia will suck you in and seduce you into wanting more…it’ll remind you of a childhood where all was possible…and nothing impossible…you’ll make friends with a fawn and a lion, and you’ll fight the evil witch…it’s the classic tale of good vs evil, and good prevails…like any good fairy tale.
The novel, I give 5 stars, just as I did The Magician’s Newphew if for no other reason it captivated me at 10 and again at 24…It has spanned across several decades and has a very long future…



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17 06 2008

hello, thank you for the comment 🙂

you really should read the entire Chronicles of Narnia. i think CS Lewis is a great writer!.

I am definatly working on it…I got into the Women’s Murder Club series (About the next 3 days are reviews of the first books)…I just finished number 3 and am about half way through with #4…there are 7 in the series, so after I finish those I’m hoping to finish the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia…and C.S. Lewis really is a great writer, hopefully after the WMC and CON I can read some of his other works…

17 06 2008

So I just translated the little info I wrote about myself into english…it’s nothing special but I followed your advice…and I can’t wait for the awe-inspiring comment :))…sorry for the stupid internet connection…mine always stops working when i need it the most:))…thank for the other comment too…it made me smile:P

So glad it made you smile…I’ll work on redoing that awe-inspiring comment tonight after I get home from class…test night, so should be home early 😉 Yay!!

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