2nd Chance by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

19 06 2008

The 2nd book in the Women’s Murder Club series ( For More Info See The Review on 1st to Die by James Patterson ) finds Jill, Cindy, Claire and Lindsey trying to solve a string of murders that all seem completely unrelated. First it’s a drive by shooting that kills a small black girl, then a hanging that kills an elderly black lady, and then a black cop is set up to be shot…besides race, nothing seems to link these killers…but we soon find out that’s not the case.  

James Patterson delivers a suspenseful thrill ride in this novel. As with the first novel, 1st To Die, this book has lots of pages accompanied with lots of chapters…so again you have about 3 pages per chapter…. it keeps you hanging on your seat and wanting more…I completed the novel in a 48 hour time frame…would have been quicker except for that evil thing called work …go ahead and buy it, you want be disappointed…for $7.99 (as always US price, in US dollar) you’ll get your money’s worth! I give this 4 ½ stars…it left me aching for more…so, I had to rush out and get the 3rd book titled 3rd Degree…give me another day or so and I should be done with it also.



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