3rd Degree by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

20 06 2008


I feel like I keep repeating myself when it comes to the Women’s Murder Club books, but, they really are excellent…this is the 3rd book in the series and it finds Jill, Claire, Lindsey, and Cindy chasing down a terrorist organization who is looking to disrupt the G-8 summit being held in San Francisco…The mystery starts with a house blowing up…while Lindsey just happens to be running by, and continues with strange mysterious message sent to Cindy, via email…Oh and don’t forget the cute Federal Agent guy that flies down from Washington D.C…from the very beginning you assume he and Lindsey will get together, typical story…it’s a very intriguing read, but something about this book was different than the other ones…When I first picked up the book I read on the cover that “Someone in the Women’s Murder Club is About to Die…” I assumed, that someone like Cindy or Jill or Claire (although probably not Claire) would get kidnapped (or some other form of entrapment in a bad situation) and Lindsey would come rescue them…man was I wrong, and pissed…(warning…slight spoiler coming)…they kill of one of the women!!! How can you do that?? To date there are 7 books written in the series…and I realize when they wrote book three they didn’t know there would be at least another 4 books…but, how can you kill off on of the main characters??? That’s just f***ed up!!!


So, because of that I give the book 4 stars…mean, maybe, but still how do you kill off one of the main characters??