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22 06 2008

After lots and lots of issues with the WordPress image uploader, I have finally updated my Character Page and also added a page called Geography, so you guys will have an idea of where all the places are that I write about. Also on the right side (at the bottom) of the page is an added section that has some of my personal favorite post on the blog listed…if you have been a frequen reader you have probably already read them, but for some of my new readers you may want to check them out. 



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22 06 2008

Nice to see the place where you live:P and I’m sorry I haven’t blogged so much lately but I’m out of inspiration as you know…and I have loads of exams…and I really just want to get this all behind me.I promise i’ll upload soon 🙂 .Take care and by the way i read your blog daily:Pit’s on my checklist once I open my computer :)).

22 06 2008

I love that animation and it also expresses how I feel about WordPress’s image uplaoder. I’ve given up on using it and upload my images directly using an FTP program.

Ahh…but if only I knew how to acutally do that…I must admit, I’m pretty technologically challenged for being in my mid-twenties…I’m pretty good at the basics, but that’s a little too advanced for me…maybe one day I’ll learn…

22 06 2008

Each frame was probably drawn in a program like Illustrator and then the frames would’ve been put together in a program like Imageready as an animated gif. It’s not hard to do…… once you’ve been shown how.

22 06 2008

Thanks for the comment!

23 06 2008

Hey, still trying to catch up on who you are. It will take me a little time, but I enjoy getting to “know” you. Oh, and I know about growing up in poverty and without electricity, heat and water, too. I still thank God for having those things now.

Don’t worry, I’m still working on getting to know me, too.

26 06 2008

So today is my blog’s birthday and I just wanted to thank you for being a faithful reader and I look forward to your posts 😀 . Thanks again 🙂 .

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