Blogging Holiday

28 06 2008

So, for my frequent readers you’ve noticed I haven’t actually written in a week…last saturday I mentioned my mother is coming to town tomorrow…she’s staying through next sunday…so, I’m kind of taking a blogging holiday until she leaves…I have some fun random stuff planned for you, but I won’t be online much so you’ll have to occupy your selves…

There is a second reason I’m taking a break…I started this blog to be open and honest more so with myself than anyone…kind of an online journal…I’m not a very good journalier…I have lots of pieces of journals I started of the years…I’d start one when things were bad, and then when things went back to mundane, I’d let it drop of the side of the bed and forget about…well…there’s a lot of stuff that I want to get out into the open, and i really haven’t done that, thus far…at least not the way I’d like…so…put up with some humor for a week or so, and then we’ll get our noses to the grind and see how messed up I really am 🙂 But if that’s not good enough, for right now, check out my blogroll…there are some pretty messed up people on there…(lol, just kiddin’ guys, but seriously check ’em out!!)



2 responses

28 06 2008

take it easy. have a good holiday.

28 06 2008

well good to know everything is fine. i’ll be waiting for your new posts. have fun on “holiday” 🙂 . I’ve found a really cool thing and i would advise everyone to look at this website and see if they can master lucid dreaming . it’s amazing and i’m surely gonna try because it would be incredible to be able to control ones dreams. so be sure to check it out 🙂 . I’ll post on my progress later on.

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