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Hi, I’m Ann, (as in Anonymous) well, actually, that’s not my name, but it’s going to be my persona for this blog, you see, I’ve had a very…umm….rough life, and this blog is my means of coming to grips with it. There is a lot that has happened in my life, that I’ve never expressed to anyone, or maybe a few people, but no one actually know the full me, they all have little snap shots of the real me, but not enough to put together the entire picture. So, this is my means of doing so…I’m finally going to voice my life, I’m going to put it out in the open 100%…but, I’m not ready, and may never be, for the people closest to me, to really get to know everything…there are some things, I’m just not ready for the people near me to know, so that’s why I’m using this anonymous blog…it’s kind of like my therapy…and you get to be a fly on the wall for some random person’s couch session…so, please, sit back, and enjoy the ride, it should be an interesting one with lots of laughter and tears and hopefully you’ll gain a little bit of a new perspective on the world….or at least a more accepting perspective.

**Special thanks to Craig Harris for all the great artwork on my blog. To see more of his great drawings & paintings, visit his blog, listed under the “Blogroll.”**

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21 05 2008

P.S. If you’d ever like to send me a message that you’d prefer the whole world not to see, you can send it to pseudonymblog@aol.com

I also wanted to let everyone know something. A LOT of people have gotten the link to my blog through Facebook, which I am thankful for. However, I do want to let you know that, the person who is linking to this page, is not me. She does have my permission and is doing it to help increase me reader base…I don’t want anyone to be misled though, I AM NOT THE PERSON ON FACEBOOK. She is a fantastic person, and a good friend, and definatly worth getting to know….I just don’t want there to be any confusion.

16 06 2008

Thank You So much for the happy fathers day well wishes on my blog and for sharing how you were raised by a single mom. That makes me feel so good!
…and yes, blogs are great therapy, so don’t worry about being anonymous, just keep writing, its great!

Thank you! Blogging really is great therapy, I started it as such, but never realized how great it will feel to air all my deep dark secrets & thoughts to the world…and so far…no true hate (e)mail…so that’s awesome…I’m falling in love with the blogging world and all the great people I’ve “meet”!

17 06 2008

So I’m from Romania, I live in a town called Lugoj(it has a population of about 40.000 people) in the western part of my country.I’m eighteen right now but 18 days I’ll be nineteen :P. I just graduated from highschool and I plan on going to college and have a major in telecommunications. Next week I’ll be starting my leave exams, kind of like a GED in America and on the day of July 21st I’ll have my college entrance exam…So my summer vacation is quite full :)). My actual dream is to become a person that can change things for the better…We live in a world full of coruption and egoism and this needs to be changed…Might be a bit to big for a guy like me but I’ve got nothing to lose…Oh and by the way my name is Alex :)).

17 06 2008

Well I’m not sure what the difference is between the GED and my Bacalaureat(that how it’s called) but you must know better 🙂 . When we finish college we get our licence-degree. It’s not called bachelor’s degree but I think it has the same basic value.I wonder if you’re a psychic? :)) Maybe you can see into my future :)) .

17 06 2008

Oooh…now I get it. Well in Romania it’s a bit strange…these “leave exams” are not for getting your high-school diploma,because we got that already when we graduated, they’re a sort of test that you need, to be able to go to college, or get a decent job after graduating. It’s pretty strange but our educational system is pretty messed up. I’m lucky to say I had a taste of american teaching methods because in our senior year we had an american teacher in our school, and I must say I rather enjoyed his way of educating students.

18 06 2008

It’s ok,what’s important is that i got the idea :)) . I bet there’s bad and good teachers everywhere…It’s a matter of luck on how many of which side you get to have as your own…Good luck with that bachelor’s degree…

18 06 2008

Oh and I wanted to ask you what the SAT is,and why you need it? 🙂

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