Blogging Holiday

28 06 2008

So, for my frequent readers you’ve noticed I haven’t actually written in a week…last saturday I mentioned my mother is coming to town tomorrow…she’s staying through next sunday…so, I’m kind of taking a blogging holiday until she leaves…I have some fun random stuff planned for you, but I won’t be online much so you’ll have to occupy your selves…

There is a second reason I’m taking a break…I started this blog to be open and honest more so with myself than anyone…kind of an online journal…I’m not a very good journalier…I have lots of pieces of journals I started of the years…I’d start one when things were bad, and then when things went back to mundane, I’d let it drop of the side of the bed and forget about…well…there’s a lot of stuff that I want to get out into the open, and i really haven’t done that, thus far…at least not the way I’d like…so…put up with some humor for a week or so, and then we’ll get our noses to the grind and see how messed up I really am 🙂 But if that’s not good enough, for right now, check out my blogroll…there are some pretty messed up people on there…(lol, just kiddin’ guys, but seriously check ’em out!!)

Blog Updates

22 06 2008

After lots and lots of issues with the WordPress image uploader, I have finally updated my Character Page and also added a page called Geography, so you guys will have an idea of where all the places are that I write about. Also on the right side (at the bottom) of the page is an added section that has some of my personal favorite post on the blog listed…if you have been a frequen reader you have probably already read them, but for some of my new readers you may want to check them out. 

Another Saturday Morning Rant

14 06 2008

It’s 8:20 on Saturday morning and normally I am sitting out on the porch with my computer and spending that time just to relax and reframe for the weekend…I need that down time, before the whole world gets up…and always, outside, because otherwise I’m surrounded by everything I’m suppose to be doing, besides I like the fresh air…unfortunately today, there is no fresh air to be found…we’re getting smoke blown our way from North Carolina…it’s nasty, and stifling…so, I’m stuck inside, and not sure my creative juices are flowing the way I’d like…so, probably going to be a short entry…


I did want to take a quick moment to remember someone who just passed away, Mr. Tim Russert…he’s been a part of my Sunday mornings ever since I can remember. He’s a political junkie that inspired me and my fellow Americans to follow and become an active part of our political system, but the more I watch all the memorial TV clips…it shows what an amazing family man he was, and with father’s day being tomorrow, I’m sure he’s going to be exceptionally missed, Tim- Here’s to you, you will be missed.




I’ve been wondering something and maybe you other bloggers/blog readers can help…is it better to have a blog entry every day (or pretty much every day) even if some of those days are just lazy “fill-in” blog entries…like just funny pictures or random stuff you find online…or is it better to just have entries when you really have something to say?

Yes, No, Maybe So…

4 06 2008

00 AM

As I’m sure you can tell I changed the look of my blog…and although I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and I can’t make everyone happy….still, I’m looking for feedback…do you like, do you not…do you really not care either way…have some suggestions for my blog…basically it’s your day to vent & say whatever about MY BLOG…that’s right, I’m being selfish…but seriously, I want feedback people!!


21 04 2008

Okay, so I’ve had some questions on how I know what I did tonight if I posted my entry at 6 pm, or 9 am…well, here’s the deal..I’m psychic…No, just kidding…I write all my post in advance…right now I’m about a week ahead…just because the date is April 12th, doesn’t mean it was actually written April 12th….some days I just don’t feel like writing…but I don’t want to skip any dates…and then there are days that I feel very verbal, on many many topics, on those days I write several blogs, and schedule for them to be posted….


Misleading?? I don’t think so…they are all in chronological order…just dates vary….it’s still me, it’s still my words, it’s still my life…just delayed…


3 04 2008

Okay, so, I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs…I like getting to know people. I thinking the computer is an excellent way to get to know people…as long as they’re honest, and I think most people who have a blog, have it to be honest with the world….so as I’m randomly visiting peoples blogs, if I find really interesting ones, I’ll add them to my Blogroll…now, if you have a blog, and I haven’t added it to my blogroll…leave me a comment and I’ll visit your blog, and if I enjoy it, all I add it to the blog roll.