Have You Forgotten??

30 05 2008

You want to know what really pissees me off?? People who were 100% pro-war back in 2001/early 2002, yet now, are all against the war in Iraq. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not at all, nor have I ever been a Bush supporter…but, even back in 2001 when he was discussing going to war with Iraq, he said that it would be a long fight, it would be a long war, and people would lose their lives…and EVERYONE was ready to go in and kick some Iraqi ass…what happened to that??? Now people say how we shouldn’t be there…maybe, just maybe you should have thought of that before you were already to go to war…I think Bush is a complete idiot to be honest, but…I can say that for once I agreed with him…people were living in the aftermath of 9-11 and eager to go “catch the bad guys” just remember that, now, when you’re so quick to insult the war.


Politics, Drugs & the FDA

27 05 2008

Okay, so I’m not a huge political person, but I keep up, and think it’s important for people to have an idea of what’s going on around them, so tonight I was watching the nightly news and part of the news was about a baby and mother that died because the medicine they were given was tainted. The actual medicine was made in the US but the main ingredient was made in Asia….now, I’m not going to bash Asia…no reason to, our country is messed up enough, that it’d take many many blogs to bash Asia and America…So, the news guy was saying that all American manufacturing plants have to be inspected by the FDA once every 2 years…2 years??? Once??? What??? Are we completely blind? How hard is it to get through 1 inspection in two years…Lets see 364 days a year, times two…is 728 days, so…1 inspection every 728 days, assuming an inspection takes a day, that means 727 days there is no one checking up on our drug companies…I’m sure nothing could go wrong in those 727 days…I’m sure they’re following all the regulations those 727 days….I mean, come on, it’s like leaving your kids alone for a day and not checking up on them…how’s your house going to look after that??? So yeah, kind of a BAD standard, you think??? And then the news guy proceeded to say that only 7% of foreign plants are ever inspected, yep that’s right 7%….and they wonder why medicine is killing people…The FDA said that they don’t inspect more, because they don’t have the money…no money….wow, haven’t heard that one before, huh?? But let’s see, they’ve spent how much on this presidential election??? That hasn’t even officially begun yet…We’re still in the primaries….here’s my thought…if one politician would say, I am NOT going to waste millions on political advertising and instead I’m going to give it to the dying AIDS victims in Africa, and the starving homeless of America, and to the FDA so they can keep up safe…that is the person I would vote for, that is the person that I think this country could find unity behind….Just one politician who actually cares for people, not just Americans, and not just those who can vote, but who honestly care for people….


12 04 2008

I hate fences. Maybe because growing up in the country the only people who put up fences were trying to keep their cattle in. Even then, most farmers marked their cattle and allowed them to roam and mingle among their neighbor’s fields. They just put up fences to keep the cattle from getting in the road, not to say that on many occasions the cattle didn’t learn how to flee from the prisoning contraptions.


Having moved to a true suburban neighborhood, I’m starting to discover how much I really hate fences…J mows the lawn for the old lady next door; we fondly call her the old hag. So, from hence forth, that’s what we’ll call her. She complained to me one day that J’s tree branches were reaching into her yard and dropping seedpods in the front yard. (Which J cleans up when he mows the lawn, weed eats, and rakes the leaves.)She proceeded to mention how he could make him trim them…that there’s a law that gives her the right to do that. I guess she mentions it me, so I’ll mention it to him. I have a feeling she doesn’t want to mention it to him, because she may never get her yard mowed again. Of course, she has a son (rumor has it) that lives about 20 minutes away. J and I have been together for 2 years now, and of those two years I’ve spent at least 365 nights at his house and probably a good 100 weekends, never once have I seen this son…but we’ll save that topic for another blog.


This morning, setting out on the back patio this morning, drinking my coffee, I was looking at the tree that grows alongside our fence and the other old ladies house. The fence from the lady’s yard (we’ll refer to her as Mrs. Maid, she’s a retired school teacher) runs right beside the tree. I’m not sure how long this fence has been there, but the tree is starting to grow around the fence. It’s already been doing it, apparently, because the one side of the tree, that’s beside the fence, is growing in a square shape along the fence…the other side, is as round as can be. The squirrels love to run up and down the tree and along the fence. Of course, the branches hang over the fence and hang over Mrs. Maid’s yard. She never says a word. Of course, she’s partially blind, but J helps maintain her house, and do what ever she needs…and she in return harasses him and ask him when we’re getting married…she’s funny. We like her, although I hear she was kind of mean in her younger years…of course, age has a way of making us kinder…kind of evens the playing field, huh?


Anyways, back to the whole fences thing. My neighborhood is filled with these nasty little metal things, to separate everyone’s yard from his neighbors…we’re one of the few who don’t have a metal fence. Just a simple little wooden ranch-style one in the front yard. Which doesn’t really help keep anything out…it’s open on both ends, so people can easily walk in and out of the yard…I like it that a way. Encourages people to get out and talk to their neighbors, a tradition long lost that I think should be fully revived.


My neighborhood is also full of trees…old trees. J’s brother lives across the street and his very large oak tree reaches across the street and the branches shade part of our yard along with two other yards in the neighborhood. It’s huge, I’m tellin’ ya. And I got to looking…what the old hag sad, really started weighing on my mind…almost every tree in this neighborhood has branches that hang into other yards…yet, so far, no one has had a legal struggle over it. I think it’s mostly because older people live in the neighborhood, and really try not to cause trouble. But I’m worried about, as more young people move into the neighborhood, are they going to start seeing the trees as burdens and made their neighbors trim them back, or cut them down all together? It really would be ashamed. These trees were here long before us, and should be here long after us. I mean, really, trees don’t recognize fences; it’s just an extra obstacle for them to grow around. They just grow, as God intended them to, without thought as to where their branches reach.


I just pray that everyone recognizes the beauty these old trees hold, and just let them grow, without disturbing them. Whether or not they decide to reach their branches into our yards or not…in fact, I think we should count our blessing that the trees find us redeemable enough to grace us with their presences.

Enough Already, with the Complaints on Racism

2 04 2008

So, I’m probably one of the least prejudice people I know. I’m 24, I grew up with blacks, whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Native Americans all functioning together under one roof with no problem. Going to school, we really didn’t care what color your skin was, or what your home life was like. We were kids, and we either liked you for who you were, or we didn’t. Was as simple as that. However, as we got older, we learned about this crazy word called “prejudice.” We, however, had a very hard time understanding this whole concept of judging someone on something that was only skin deep. But, we’ve been taught that in the generations before us, people were persecuted because of race and religion. Now, granted, racism is still around, just as much sexism is, but it’s not to the point that it was. My generation (as a whole) is much more accepting of differences, than our parents were.

And some people just don’t want to let racism go…for some reason they don’t want it to end. And something that really bugs me, is when people make something out of absolutely nothing. It’s like; they just want to have something to complain about…so I LOVED this article when I read it. And just thought I had to share….so without furthur ado…

Am I supposed to be mad about LeBron?

By Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock brings his edgy and thought-provoking style to FOXSports.com. Columnist for the Kansas City Star, he has won the National Journalism Award for Commentary for “his ability to seamlessly integrate sports and social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.”

Updated: April 2, 2008, 4:08 PM EST

Would someone please write a handbook? “What Will and Won’t Piss Black Folk Smooth the **** Off” would be an international bestseller.

I’m black, and I’m pissed off most of the time, but I wouldn’t leave home without the handbook. Not in these racist-ly confusing times. I can barely keep up with when I’m supposed to be disappointed as opposed to offended as opposed to being pissed smooth the **** off.

Right now I need to know where this LeBron James-Gisele Bundchen-Vogue-cover controversy falls. And just who am I supposed to be mad at, LeBron, the photographer, the editors at Vogue or Tom Brady?

Maybe they’re all to blame. Maybe that’s the point of this whole mess. Or maybe they’re just as bewildered as I am.

Cover controversy?

According to the allegations, King James looks like King Kong clutching Fay Wray on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image, according to potential handbook writers, “conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man.”

Hmm, to LeBron and his handlers, he looks like LeBron clutching a pretty white woman on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image conjures up the idea that LeBron can race up court with a basketball and a supermodel.

I agree with LeBron. The photographer captured him exactly as he is. You know, when he covered his body in tatts years ago, mimicking a death-row inmate, LeBron invited people to jump to the conclusion that he’s dangerous. Yeah, that’s the way the image-is-everything game is played. Ink is a prison and gang thing. Don’t act like you don’t know the origin of the current fad.

Vogue put a mirror in our face, and we’re complaining about the reflection. Half the black players in the NBA take the court each night in front of white audiences tatted from neck to toe like they’re shooting a scene for Prison (Fast)Break.

When David Stern insisted on helping these players with their image by implementing a dress code, many of the players and their media groupies screamed racism. You see, showing up to work in a white T and iced-out (heavy jewelry) was their way of showing loyalty to their boys in the ‘hood, a shout-out to the corner boys and girls.

And any time someone with common sense points out that athletes are making fools of themselves and feeding negative stereotypes, he or she is shouted down as a sellout, racist or out of touch.

Just look at how much heat the NFL takes for trying to stop Chad Johnson from bojangling. This is why a handbook to clear up the confusion is so necessary. When Johnson slaps in his gold teeth, dyes and cuts his hair into a blonde Mohawk, dances a jig in the end zone and makes life absolute hell on his black coach, that is fun and good for the game.

But when King James apes King Kong it is a terrible blow to the perception of black men.

Would we be having this discussion if LeBron struck the same pose on the cover of Ebony while holding Selita Ebanks? Think about it. And if we wouldn’t be having the discussion, what does that say about us? Are we only bothered by negative images of black men when the primary/sole consumer of the image is white people?

Vogue ain’t for us. Tyler Perry’s new movie, Meet the Browns, was produced with us in mind. It had a great box-office debut, coming in at No. 2 with a take of more than $20 million. It also broke records for negative black stereotypes and simple-mindedness.

We ate it up, and I’ve yet to hear much of an outcry about a romantic comedy built around a single mama with three baby daddies, her loud-mouthed, weed-smoking, gun-toting Latino best girlfriend, a deadbeat daddy, a drunk sister and a deceased father who was a pimp-turned-preacher. I could go on. This list is endless.

Rather than reading and hearing universal condemnation of Tyler Perry, the drag-queen moviemaker is being hailed as a genius for recognizing what attracts us to the movie theatre.

I’m telling you we need a handbook. We need something athletes, entertainers, black and white folks can easily refer to when deciding how to react to the images we choose to project. The chapter on rap-music videos could be studied at major universities across the globe. I’d like for Bob Johnson, the founder of Black Exploitation Television, to pen that section when he comes off the Clinton campaign trail.

LeBron James is a kid, and his talents as a basketball player and absence of a father allowed him to “grow up” rather than be “raised.” His stated goal is to be one of the richest men in the world. Like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, he is a child celebrity interested in increasing his fame and little else.

He’s in very good and very deep company when it comes to being unconcerned with and unqualified for the job of representing black men in a positive light.

Hell, given our current state of confusion, I’m not sure Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could handle the job.

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