It’s Independence Day!

4 07 2008

Why Does it Have To Be Right or Wrong?

2 07 2008

This was on of my favorite childhood songs, and I just recently heard it on the radio and thought I’d share.

They Don’t Understand

31 05 2008

Just reminding you, to take a little time to consider what other people might be going through. Before jumping to conclusions, getting mad and yelling or insulting…just take a moment…

Have You Forgotten??

30 05 2008

You want to know what really pissees me off?? People who were 100% pro-war back in 2001/early 2002, yet now, are all against the war in Iraq. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not at all, nor have I ever been a Bush supporter…but, even back in 2001 when he was discussing going to war with Iraq, he said that it would be a long fight, it would be a long war, and people would lose their lives…and EVERYONE was ready to go in and kick some Iraqi ass…what happened to that??? Now people say how we shouldn’t be there…maybe, just maybe you should have thought of that before you were already to go to war…I think Bush is a complete idiot to be honest, but…I can say that for once I agreed with him…people were living in the aftermath of 9-11 and eager to go “catch the bad guys” just remember that, now, when you’re so quick to insult the war.


Everyday People

21 05 2008

I’m not a really big television fan, but there is one show I really enjoy it’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. For those who don’t know the show, basically they pick one family/household a week and send them on vacation while they tear down and rebuild the peoples homes…all in 7 days. Now I don’t always agree with the people they choose…this is going to sound mean, but just because  you went through a tornado, doesn’t mean you deserve a brand new home…it was hard yes, but a bunch of other people lost their homes to, what makes them choose that one family? Why does that family deserve it…and then there are the families who adopt like 10 kids and live in a two bedroom house and complain how they don’t have room…you knew that BEFORE you adopted the 10 kids…sure you might want to adopt 10 kids, and sure it’s a good thing to do, but I’d like to fly to Africa and treat all the children with AIDS, unfortunately, my finances, really don’t allow that…so, I have to stay realistic in the things I want to do…and just because I want, or have the intentions of doing something also, doesn’t make me a good person….as the old saying goes…hell is paved with good intentions….but anyways, there are the families who were really making a difference in the world, when tragedy strikes…like the family who has 2 volunteer firefighters and work with lots of various charities and then lost their home in hurricane Katrina, yet still they continue to give to the communities…that’s a deserving family…but anyways, that’s not even what this blog was suppose to be about….


So Oprah came up with a show that aired right after Extreme Makeover Home Edition…you may be familiar with The Big Give…first of all, it was a pretty lame show, lacked drama…bad planning on the producers part…like when they went to send someone home they gave them all envelopes and they opened them and whoever didn’t have a plane ticket in their envelope got sent home…seriously could have planned that one a  little better…anyway, every week the contestants were given lots of money to do stuff with and even the one week they weren’t given money…they still had Oprah’s name to fall back on…it’s amazing what people will donate when they know they’ll end up on national television…now let me ask, how hard exactly is it to make a difference when you’re handed 10,000 dollars and told to go spend it….yeah, I could make some good happen to…what exactly do you have to sacrifice in that case…ahhh…a little bit of time, but hey you’re on national television, and sure you can at least get a book deal of the experience, so that’ll make up for the time lost…Oprah said the entire time that the point of the show was “to motivate people to give”…Oprah, dear, knock on my door and hand me 10k and I can make some things happen…I personally, did not find the show very motivating….however, I found, recently, a song that motivates me every time I hear it…I’ve probably heard it 200 times now, and it sill makes me want to cry every time I hear it…the whole point of the song is, truly, when the cameras are off, that it’s the real, everyday people in the world who truly make a difference…now if this song won’t motivate you, I don’t know what will….and please excuse the fact that it’s not just the song…I had to steal the video off of YouTube because I’m not really good and this whole technical thing….but enjoy all the same…just try to block out the video and just listen to the words of the song….

P.S. This song is Everyday People by Reba McEntire & Carole King.