Geography (Added 6/21/08)

So, I know I talk about different places a lot, so this will kind of give you an idea of where they all are…for our international readers, we will start with the location of the United States of America…look toward the top left on the map-

The first and second pictures, should be pretty easy to see, however, the last two you may need to click on to enlarge so you can actually read what’s on them. Now, we’ll find Virginia which is one of the 50 states of the United States (of America)-

Now that we’ve found Virginia, here are a few landmarks, like Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech), my hometown of Riner (not actually labeled on the map because it’s too little) and my current home of Chespeake (look toward the bottom left and rights of the map…and click on the picture to expand it, which will make it a whole lot easier to read)

 Now that you have all the important places…here’s a map of my neighborhood, which’ll give you a pretty good idea of where a lot of the characters live (P.S. I don’t have street names listed, because I don’t want people stalking me)…oh, and I should mention, the houses that I put in there…are not to size…sorry…and you may need to click on the picture to expand it.

Now, I hope you all paid attention to today’s lesson, because there will be a test tomorrow.


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