120 Things About Me

6 05 2008
I’m sure you get these stupid survey things on MySpace or your email…just thought I’d share one…thought maybe it’d help you get to know me a little more…

(001) Your gender:


(002) Straight/gay/bi?:


(003) Single?:

Happily involved in a long term relationship

(004) Want to be?:

Chef or Journalist…maybe a food writer…or teach at a culinary school…I don’t know.

(005) Age?:


(006) Age you wish you were?:

I’m pretty happy being 24

(007) Your label?:


(008) Your height?:

5′ 8″

(009) Your eye color?:

Blue with a brown speck in one eye

(010) Any piercings?:

Each ear pierced once

(011) Any tattoos?:



(012) Smoke:


(013) Drink:


(014) Do drugs:


(015) Read the newspaper:

Every Sunday

(016) Talk to strangers who IM you:

Yeah, sometimes, just depends

(017) Like to walk in the leaves:

Yeah, and jump in them

(018) Take walks in the rain:

Yeah, always loved that.

(019) Drive:


(020) Like to drive fast?:

Sometimes, depends on my mood.

(021) Hurt yourself:


(022) Have a job:

Yep, somebodies got to pay the bills

(023) Like who you are:


(024) Consider love a mistake:

No, although I’ll admit to having made mistakes in judgement when it comes to love.

(025) Base your judgement on looks alone:


(026) Do you like/love someone?:



(027) Been caught doing some thing your weren’t supposed to be doing?:

Several Times

(028) Been in love:


(029) Done drugs:

Nope, not really.

(030) Gone skinny dipping:

No, but don’t count me out yet on that

(031) Had a surgery:

Several Times

(032) Ran away from home:

Yeah when I was 7, I made it to the neighbor’s cherry tree.

(033) Played strip poker:


(034) Gotten beat up:

Do brothers count on this one?

(035) Been on stage:


(036) Slept outdoors:

Many, many times

(037) Pulled an all-nighter:

Again, many, many times

(038) Talked on the phone all night:

Not ALL night, but pretty close

(039) Had an X-ray:


(040) Had detention:

Several Times

(041) Been suspended:


(042) Been Expelled:


(043) Slept all day:


(044) Killed someone:

ahh…no…(what kind of questions are these??)

(045) Made out with a stranger:

No…thought about it…yes

(046) Had sex with a stranger?:


(047) Kissed the same sex:

No (well, unless you count on the cheek)

(048) Done anything sexual with the same sex?


(049) Been betrayed:


(050) Broken the law:


(051) Been arrested:


(052) Been on radio/TV:


(053) Been in a mosh-pit:


(054) Had a nervous breakdown:


(055) Been criticized about your sexual performance:


(056) Had a dream that kept coming back:


(057) Seen your favorite band play:

I guess Jim Brickman doesn’t really count as a band? what about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra??

(058) Owned a pair of big sunglasses:


(059) Worn a huge hat:


(060) Judged other people by their clothing:

As much as I hate to admit, yes

(061) Been told you have good taste:


(062) Been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted?:


(063) Been used?:

Probably, but I’d rather not dwell on that

(064) Been in an abusive relationship?:

Emotionally…yes, Physically…no


(065) Life on other planets:

Don’t know if I’d say I believe in it, but I haven’t ruled it out.

(066) Miracles:

Yeah whether supernatural or not.

(067) Astrology:

Kind of

(068) Magic:

Again, kind of.

(069) God:

Again, kind of. (Maybe it’s a matter of I want to believe even though the proof isn’t there)

(070) The Devil:

Again, kind of.

(071) True Love:


(072) Ghosts:

Kind of

(073) Rebirth:

?? Still debating??

(074) Love at first sight:

Yes, to a point.

(075) Ying and Yang?:


(076) Witches:

Kind of

(077) The Easter Bunny:

Of course…don’t ya mess with Easter people!!!

(078) Santa Clause:



(079) That you laughed at:


(080) That laughed at you:


(081) That hurt you:

Yeah, but why dwell on it.

(081) That turned you on:


(082) That kissed you:


(083) That hugged you:


(084) That you went shopping with :


(085) To disappoint you:

Again, why dwell on it.

(086) That made you cry:

Again, why dwell on it.

(087) That brightened up your day:


(088) You saw a movie with:


(089) You talked to on the phone:


(090) You talked to on text message:


(091) You to on IM:


(092) That made you smile:


(093) That made you laugh:

J (seeing a pattern??)

(094) That saw you cry:

J (always the strong one when I need it.)

(095) That bought you something:


(096) That danced with you:


(097) That you have a crush on:


The Whats…

(098) What do you find romantic?:

All the typical old-fashioned romantic things…Roses, candles, bubble baths, etc.

(099) What are your turn-on’s?:

Can’t give away all my secrets now can I?

(100) What are your turn-off’s?:


(101) What is best about the opposite sex?:

Again, I can’t give away all my secrets.

(102) What is best about the same sex?:

Our strength yet only letting it show when it needs to.

(103) What is the last present someone got you?:

My very very gorgeous watch for Christmas. (Thanks you, darling!)

(104) What makes you happy?:

Lots of things…books, my puppy, knowing how easily a certain someone can make me smile, a sunny day, watching the waves on the beach, long bubble baths with candlelight and a good girlie book, late night movies with a big bowl of buttery popcorn, ice cream, wind in my hair, good music on the radio, chocolate

(105) What is your B-day?:

November 1, 1983

(106) What is your favorite movie?:


(107) What is your favorite band?:

Evanescence (as of right now)

(108) What is your favorite type of movie?:

Depends on my mood

(109) What is your favorite season?:


(110) What is your favorite month?:


(111) What is your favorite Holiday?:


(112) What is your favorite language?:

English…least favorite Spanish

(113) What is your favorite thing to do?:


(114) What is your favorite color(s)?:


The Who’s…

(115) Your best friend(s):


(116) The one person you can trust with any thing?:


(117) Your favorite singer?:


(118) Your favorite Actor?:

Robin Williams

(119) Your favorite Actress?:

Drew Barrymore or Julia Roberts..but don’t really have a favorite acress.

(120) Your favorite President?:

Not Bush, that’s for sure.

You’re Not 15 Anymore!!

5 05 2008

So, at the party I’ve mentioned that an ex-boyfriend was going to be DJing…we’ll call him Mark. Now Mark and I dated when I was 15 & 16, he was 14 & 15…we meet when I was working at a boyscout camp. I was a lifeguard and he worked in the dinning hall…during the first month we dated he went away to a different camp for a week, during that week I kissed another guy..the guy was 18…I was enthralled by him…he was daring and dangerous (every girl has a story of at least one guy like that)…the guy looked good too…had shoulder length hair…and just, I don’t know…he was a blossoming Fabio in my eyes 🙂 But Mark found out about, and yes I was truthful…somewhat…he thinks all we did was kiss, when in fact it went a lot further…but, why rub salt in a wound, right? Anyways…that was during either a June or July, so we continued dating until Februrary, about a week before Valentine’s he decides he can’t stand it anymore that I was unfaithful to him…to be honest, it was good that it ended, but I was still devastated.

The relationship was very unhealthy…by nature, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a very very private person. I don’t open up to people well….he was always pushing me to share stuff…and to talk about everything…well in the end, it was almost to the point where I couldn’t think or feel for myself…he wanted to be a part of everything…I lost me, trying to be what he wanted.

So, it took a year or so for us to actually communicate…but we moved on and become pretty good friends..we still chat online & email…he’s on my facebook friends list…but there is something about him that just really gets on my nerves…whenever we talk on the phone or any time I go back home & we hang out…I finally figured out what it was…he has not changed at all since we were 15…I’ve changed almost 100%…ecspecially from the person he wanted…he still dresses the same (in fact, I’ve seen him in some of the same shirts he wore when we were 15)…he talks the same…he’s horrible at judging people…they are bored out of their minds and think he’s a complete idiot, yet, he keeps talking…and he likes to talk a lot…mostly about himself…or stuff that relates to himself…no matter what you talk about, somehow it has to come back to him…

In fact, we’re having the party for my grandmother, and there are two elderly ladies there, and they’re sitting and having dinner with my mom…and Mark comes and sits with them, a little while later I’m walking by the table and he’s talking about getting drunk…these are 60-70 year old ladies, church going ladies, anti-drinking ladies and he’s talking about getting drunk??? I mean come on…have a little respect…

So…J loves to harrass me whenever I see Mark, about how I’m still secretly in love with him…J knows it annoys me…he knows Mark annoys me…and I really just want to say to Mark, “You know, we’re not 15 anymore, grow up already!” …kind of hard to fit that into polite dinner conversation, huh?