Another Saturday Morning Rant

14 06 2008

It’s 8:20 on Saturday morning and normally I am sitting out on the porch with my computer and spending that time just to relax and reframe for the weekend…I need that down time, before the whole world gets up…and always, outside, because otherwise I’m surrounded by everything I’m suppose to be doing, besides I like the fresh air…unfortunately today, there is no fresh air to be found…we’re getting smoke blown our way from North Carolina…it’s nasty, and stifling…so, I’m stuck inside, and not sure my creative juices are flowing the way I’d like…so, probably going to be a short entry…


I did want to take a quick moment to remember someone who just passed away, Mr. Tim Russert…he’s been a part of my Sunday mornings ever since I can remember. He’s a political junkie that inspired me and my fellow Americans to follow and become an active part of our political system, but the more I watch all the memorial TV clips…it shows what an amazing family man he was, and with father’s day being tomorrow, I’m sure he’s going to be exceptionally missed, Tim- Here’s to you, you will be missed.




I’ve been wondering something and maybe you other bloggers/blog readers can help…is it better to have a blog entry every day (or pretty much every day) even if some of those days are just lazy “fill-in” blog entries…like just funny pictures or random stuff you find online…or is it better to just have entries when you really have something to say?

A New Page

20 05 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m starting a new page on my blog. It’s posted as “Reading List.” Pretty self explanatory…but, I’ll list the book as I read them, and what I’m currently reading…when I finish the book I’ll review it on my blog….I’m true dork, and LOVE to read…and I’m noticing a lot of my readers (through their blogs) really like to read, so maybe we can get some good book conversations going…and discover some new books, since most of the ones I’ve read about on the other peeps blogs, I haven’t read…so hopefully a good learning experience for all of us.