Politics, Drugs & the FDA

27 05 2008

Okay, so I’m not a huge political person, but I keep up, and think it’s important for people to have an idea of what’s going on around them, so tonight I was watching the nightly news and part of the news was about a baby and mother that died because the medicine they were given was tainted. The actual medicine was made in the US but the main ingredient was made in Asia….now, I’m not going to bash Asia…no reason to, our country is messed up enough, that it’d take many many blogs to bash Asia and America…So, the news guy was saying that all American manufacturing plants have to be inspected by the FDA once every 2 years…2 years??? Once??? What??? Are we completely blind? How hard is it to get through 1 inspection in two years…Lets see 364 days a year, times two…is 728 days, so…1 inspection every 728 days, assuming an inspection takes a day, that means 727 days there is no one checking up on our drug companies…I’m sure nothing could go wrong in those 727 days…I’m sure they’re following all the regulations those 727 days….I mean, come on, it’s like leaving your kids alone for a day and not checking up on them…how’s your house going to look after that??? So yeah, kind of a BAD standard, you think??? And then the news guy proceeded to say that only 7% of foreign plants are ever inspected, yep that’s right 7%….and they wonder why medicine is killing people…The FDA said that they don’t inspect more, because they don’t have the money…no money….wow, haven’t heard that one before, huh?? But let’s see, they’ve spent how much on this presidential election??? That hasn’t even officially begun yet…We’re still in the primaries….here’s my thought…if one politician would say, I am NOT going to waste millions on political advertising and instead I’m going to give it to the dying AIDS victims in Africa, and the starving homeless of America, and to the FDA so they can keep up safe…that is the person I would vote for, that is the person that I think this country could find unity behind….Just one politician who actually cares for people, not just Americans, and not just those who can vote, but who honestly care for people….