The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

16 06 2008

I hate long car rides…especially when traveling from Virginia Beach back to Blacksburg…I’ve traveled that trip about, oh I don’t know 50 times…it’s about 5 ½ to 6 hours on the road…I hate it because it seems like a completely wasted 6 hours of life…both ways, so 12 hours…I can’t read in the car because I get horrible motion sick, and anyway, when traveling alone, reading and driving, probably not a great idea…So I find a solution…Books on CD…at first they annoyed me, I really prefer hearing my own voice in my head reading the books, but…I’m discovering some of them aren’t so bad, however, I only listen to the ones that just read the book word for word, no acting or interpretations…I want the whole book, just the way it was written, without anyone messing around with it….so this last weekend when I went back home I “read” three books on the way there and back, and actually finished reading a fourth one…now, instead of having oh 6 or 7 days worth of book reviews back to back…I’m rewinding time a little…June 10th and 11th, I didn’t write…so, I’ve filled in those days with two book reviews the first Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson  and the second Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil by John Berendt so, please, if you enjoy book reviews, take a few moments to travel back in time and read them…and hopefully by time you are reading this, my Reading List should be updated….hopefully.




When I was a child I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe…it fascinated me, but I never read any of the other books of the Chronicles of Narnia…J and I watched the movie of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe a few weeks ago, and it resparked in interested of mine into the ser Bies…however, when I went to the book store I was shocked to learn that The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was not the actually first book in the series, it was The Magician’s Nephew, although written after several of the other books were already published it is the actual first book of the series…in it we discover the origins of the wardrobe and the beginnings of Narnia….the magicians nephew and a female friend are tricked into using magical rings by the magician, and are sent swirling into a magical journey…just as they were sucked into this magical world, you will be to. It’s a fantastic read for children of all ages…I loved it! The whole book made you feel like you were part of that magical world…like you were right there alongside Diggory and Aslan, and the magician and uncle Andrew…and at the same precise time…it reminds you of your own childhood…which, although not void of evil or bad things, was still magical and exciting all the same…I easily give this book 5 stars, as I know it’s already been named a classic that is worthy of the last 50 years as a top seller, but also for many many years to come…it almost makes me want to have children, just so I can share it with them.

This Weekend

12 06 2008

It’s been almost a week since I’ve written a “real” blog entry. It’s been a very tiring week…I’ll start you up at this past Friday. A friend of my mom’s organizes a fishing tournament every year in honor of her deceased brother…they hold it at Claytor lake, which is about 30-45 minutes from Blacksburg…she offered to pay me the $200 dollars for gas, plus an extra 50 if I would come up and help. She needed me to be at her house at 5:45 Saturday morning to go set up and handle the registration for the tournament. So, that meant I had to drive up to Roanoke Friday night after work…I didn’t get out of Virginia Beach until 7:45 Friday night and didn’t make it to Roanoke until 1 in the morning. My mom called me when I was about 2 ½ hours outside of Virginia Beach, to let me know that they didn’t need me for registration that they just needed me to handle picking up the food for the picnic afterward, and also the organizers mother….I didn’t have be at the lake until 2, to have everything ready at 4…I could have driven up Saturday morning, damn it! But I was already half way there, so I kept trucking…


Saturday I got the lake thing handled…nothing really exciting there…some good photos from the car show which I’ll post at a later date, when J helps me label them with the right year, make and model. So, we’re getting ready to leave the lake and I noticed a dent in the right passenger bumper of J’s beloved truck…not good…I could remember if it had been there before or night…he’d messed up his bumper about 6 months ago, but I could remember of this dent was from that…so I get back to Roanoke (where my mom now lives) at about 7:30 or 8 that night, go take a shower (it was a hot, sweaty day, I felt disgusting) and spent Saturday evening just hanging out with my mom and grandmother and went to bed early…When J called, I didn’t mention the dent, I was tired and exhausted, and figured it could wait until tomorrow.


Sunday I got up and went to Hampton Inn and spent some time hanging out with my mom & grandmother and stole some breakfast while they worked (they are breakfast attendants there on weekends) and drank LOTS of coffee…so I left there about 11:30, went and filled up the gas tank and ran by Barnes & Noble for a book on CD and left town about 12:20, 12:30…and when I spoke to J to let him know I was headed back home, I asked if by any chance there was a dent on his truck when he gave it to me…he confirmed that there was a dent on the passenger right front, near the bumper…Thank god!! So very relived by that…then he proceeded to tell me that even if I had dented his truck it was no big deal, it’s just a truck…ha, ha…I picked that I didn’t believe him, that he loved his vehicles more than he did people…little did I know, this was a foreshadowing for something that would happen that evening…I made it all the way from Virginia Beach to Claytor Lake, and from Claytor Lake back to Chesapeake with no problems…I was even half asleep for most of it…so I’m coming down our street and see J come up the other way on the street , and he pulls in the drive way…I go to pull in after him…and obviously didn’t judge the distance from the neighbors fence quite well enough, so I scrap the bumper of the truck along the edge of the fence…all while he’s watching…so much for a warm welcome home…he’s furious…I apologize, tell him I didn’t mean to, and I’d pay to get the bumper fixed… “That’s not the point, why’d you hit the fence.”…So that just made me mad…like I intentionally meant to hit the fence? What could possibly be more fun than pissing off your boyfriend, and the neighbor because you hit her fence with his truck?? Eventually, he came back and apologized for yelling…blamed it on the heat (which could be likely, it was 102 out)…


So, very long weekend…very very long…and later that evening I made another fun discovery…I set down to the computer and start to type I get through the www.wo and up pops, now, anyone who reads my blog, knows…I have a very bad past with men and online pornography…so, I think, maybe it just accidently popped up while he was on the computer this weekend, so I check history…and what do I find?? Several more fun sites…including one about teenagers with big boobs…just what I needed…so of course, that starts a fun fight…I spent 3 years battling with my ex over pornography, and the moment I saw those sites on my computer, that knot built up in my stomach and everything from the past came rushing in, I felt like a 20 year old battling to save her marriage, again….it hurt so much. I just can’t even put it into words. J apologized, told me how it didn’t mean anything…he just looked at the front pages of a few sites, just curious as to what all the hype was about….he didn’t mean to hurt me, how he loved me and didn’t want anyone but me…of course, we haven’t had sex in over month…and I’m gone less than 24 hours and he’s looking at porn online…I’m a little more than upset…I go to bed, he sleeps on the couch…I don’t think either of us got any sleep.


Monday, we barely spoke at work…we got home Monday and I cam to the conclusion that I can’t hold against him what my ex did. No matter how much it hurt…J hasn’t really given me a reason to believe he really looks at porn…he’s not technologically savvy enough to hide it from me, and it was only about 4 or 5 sites, and he was true to his word, he had just looked at the front pages, and hadn’t gone any further…I either had to forgive him, or ended over something that stupid…I can’t hold on to that horrible fear and not be willing to forgive…so, I’m making an effort to deal with it…he said something that kind of stuck with me Monday night, he said “Sometimes you are as hard as a rock and then other times you’re curled up in the corner crying and your as fragile as a shell and I have to handle you so gently.” And it’s true…There are days and moments that I am invincible…nothing bothers me, I can tackle anything…and other times, I feel like I’m not worthy to walk on this earth, my less be loved, wanted, or cared about…It’s hard, because I use to be so strong when it came to relationships…my ex-husband tore me apart, and broke my spirit…I’m trying to build it back…but it’s a lot dang harder than it looks…

Strawberry, Turkey Legs, and Festivals

24 05 2008

Today I went to the 25th annual Pungo Strawberry Festival. I happen to be a HUGE fan of strawberries…strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, strawberry juice, strawberry shortcake, strawberry starburst, strawberry…well…you get the idea…I LOVE strawberries. I do not, however, love crowds. They annoy me, they agitate me, and they make extremely uncomfortable. The whole, people running into people, the whole general concept that “If I want to stop in the middle of the walk way to stare at something everyone else will go around me”…it very much annoys me. I do like, however, ease dropping on people’s conversations…it’s amazing how much you can learn by ease dropping…


America, as a whole, is fat. There is really no denying this…it’s all around us. This semester I’m taking Nutrition…pretty boring so far, but something my professor said, at our last class, really spoke to me. She said we try to do the right thing (when it comes to food) 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the time we allow ourselves to do things we know we shouldn’t, yet want to…kinda like Thanksgiving you know you shouldn’t eat all of that, but you do anyways…Well, the Strawberry Festival is part of my 10%…I had a huge piece of strawberry shortcake covered with strawberries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream (I’ll post a picture of it later)…now, I thought I was being pretty bad when I had this…Let me make a little disclaimer here, real quick, I am not by any means a health nut…I know a lot of the health nut stuff, even read some of the health nut magazines…but I have standards… I like food, I like good tasting food…I like my nightly bowl of ice cream that I probably shouldn’t have every night…but…I’m starting to realize how the extreme non-health nut half lives…


I am walking along at the strawberry fest and hear this woman shout out to her husband “Oh, look the turkey legs we came for!”…And by turkey leg, she really should have said a full turkey…those things are HUGE and deep fried in fat…The stand was slammed full…then there are the really fat people who are chowing down on funnel cakes that are twice the size of my head…and then the huge plate of deep fried potatoes, and nachos slathered in cheese and chili…I understand, not eating healthy all the time…but really, life, is not at all about fat-covered turkey legs…and then you get to overhear the people complaining about the LONG walk from the parking lot to the festival…seriously, it may have (and I’m being very nice here) it may have been a city block…I’m really not sure if it were that…so they complain about the long walk and then sit down and chow down 3000 calories of deep fried “food” and wonder why they’re overweight, have diabetes, high cholesterol and have to take 5 different pills a day at the age of 45…seriously America, wake up.


And before I get super upset emails from overweight people who are doing their best to eat right…I understand that there are overweight people who for medical reasons, can’t help it, and can’t lose weight…and I understand that a lot of overweight people are super sweet nice people who really should not be include in the above rant…I do realize that. I’m just pointing out…that America wonders why we’re overweight…you go to a strawberry festival, and there is NO line at the produce stand, but you have to weight 20 minutes at the deep fried fat booth…see the problem?


And then, people wonder why kids are obese?? This is what they are seeing…When I was a kid, we use to go to Stepping Out in Blacksburg every year…it was another huge street festival…but they had (and may still) this HUGE fenced in kids area, with all kinds of games and we’d run around like we were nuts and crazy and when we were done, we’d get a single scoop cone of ice cream and then go climb on the fire trucks…no super huge deep fried turkey legs, no fries, no potato curlie things…or nachos, or funnel cakes…we went for the entertainment, not the food…what happened to that??


Money saving tip of the day: Want a quick cheap heart attack? Go to McDonald’s not strawberry festivals…not only will you not have to pay for parking, they have a dollar menu.